We promote acceptance and fight mistreatment. We also run weekly community groups and hold meet-ups and parties.

Covid Vaccine Statement

We understand that many of you have fears and uncertainty about the Covid-19 vaccine, whether it’s about the vaccine itself or the process of being vaccinated. We here at Autistic Inclusive Meets are pro-vaccine. We trust in science and recommend…

Autistic Speaking Day

 Autistic people began several campaigns in response to Autism Awareness Month. This includes Autism Acceptance Month in April and Autistics Speaking Day on November 1. Its based on the Autism Speaks Slogan “Its Time to Listen.” An autistic by the…

‘How schools can support autistic children’, by William Vanderpuije, Autistic Early Year’s teacher

How Schools can support autistic children Know the child As the popular saying goes, “When you’ve seen one autistic child, you’ve just seen one autistic child.” Autism is a spectrum condition so no two autistic individuals are alike. One individual’s…


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It’s great that there’s adults and children with the same condition who can interact with each other.