We promote acceptance and fight mistreatment. We also run weekly community groups and hold meet-ups and parties.

Knife Crime and Safety Talk

Join us on the 18th of February at 7.30-8.30pm for a Knife Crime and Safety Talk by Protect Our Children’s Ryan Biddiss,  there will a short video on combatting knife crime.

Brianna Ghey

AIM Director’s Janny Payne, Tara McLaren and Emma Dalmayne went to the vigil in London yesterday for murdered Trans teen Brianna Ghey.  Another life taken to soon in a transphobic hate crime. The media are deadnaming her and deny it…


See what some of our attendees have said about us:

AIM is a friendly inviting at inclusive atmosphere. Children are included in the activities. Open spaces for children to explore. Lovely surprise on the baking activities. Very supportive. You can find a peer group here, with relatable parents and carers.