We promote acceptance and fight mistreatment. We also run weekly community groups and hold meet-ups and parties.

Spectrum 10k protest

Today we protested the Spectrum 10k study outside the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge. Spectrum 10k is a study that proposes to gather the DNA of ten thousand Autistic individuals, with the supposed aim of research into providing more support.…


See what some of our attendees have said about us:

“It is a really lovely space. The children have had a really good time, lots of activities. I have loved it chatting with the adults has been great”.

Great way to meet new people in a welcoming atmosphere, where you can relax and let kids enjoy trying new things. Also a way to swap ideas on ways to help understand your child and new ways to maybe do things a bit outside the box.

Great people, great atmosphere, great play time for my son!