AIM Autistic Pride 20201

Our AIM Autstic Pride this year was a resounding well attended success!

We would like to thank our speakers:

Nick Fawcitt
Don Biswas
Andy Smith of Spectrum Gaming
Erin Ekins of AIM Rainbow
William Vanderpuije AIM Director
Jodie Issitt of Autism with Love
Aida H Dee aka Sab Samuel AIM Patron

And all our Autistic Craft Fair stall holders:

Joy Wilkins
Jane Higgins
Emily Bowers
Emily Back
Paul Wady
Jodie Issitt
Steph Baker
Jade Hall – Smith

And Cosmo for their wonderfully generous donation of food for our speakers and stall holders!

Thank you everyone for coming watch this space, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Insta for updates as we will be having an Autistic Craft Fair at Christmas.

Thank you!

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