Thank You CalmCare

Thank you to our sponsors CalmCare Sensory Clothing for their generous annual donation! Here’s a message from CalmCare:

We really love the support you offer at AIM for Autistic children and adults with the social groups. We know how important these social groups are and AIM are really making a difference. At CalmCare we passionate about inclusion, acceptance and celebrating the lives of Autistic people ❤️

See CalmCare’s website here, high quality clothing and compression sheets, perfect for a proprioceptive seeker.

CalmCare Sensory Clothing

CalmCare is proud to manufacture and supply high-quality, sensory-style compression garments which are fast gaining a reputation for helping to calm the sensory system of Autistic children and adults.

Our products can also greatly benefit people who have ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, PTSD and Anxiety.

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