Roxanne Roche

Hi, I’m Roxanne, 33 year old wife and mum to 2 children (15 and 11). My daughter is autistic and I myself, recently diagnosed with ADHD and OCD, possibly autistic too but am unsure right now-we believe we are altogether a neurodivergent household. 

As a family, we’ve had some tough times over the last few years in regards to support services, schools, EHCPs, tribunals, bullying and more. Somehow we found the strength to keep fighting for what is right-I think parents do! This meant learning the law in regards to disability and education in order to get our daughter what she were lawfully entitled to. Thankfully our daughter now has what she needs in place. 

I understand that many parents who are new to this find it incredibly stressful, upsetting and sometimes impossible to keep trying and get fobbed off-it’s totally understandable to feel drained by it all! That’s why knowing what I do now and using the knowledge I now have, I want to support other families on this path. I have advocated for friends and family and support them to advocate for themselves arming them with the information and tools they need. I have attended meetings alongside parents to services appointments as well as schools. If I cannot attend due to personal reasons, then I am able to provide resources and information that they can attend with. I am also a HLTA in a school in a large inclusion department where I: support students, manage TAs, amend and hold EHCP reviews with parents, local authorities and outside agencies and more. 

I have extensive knowledge in the area of SEN due to constantly learning (it’s a big interest of mine). I don’t just know what I know from work, I listen to the voices of autistics and other neurodivergent people to try to understand and support in ways that are best for them. Of course, having ADHD myself will also benefit this understanding. 

I met Emma Dalmayne online when seeking to find autistic friends for my daughter to resonate with and now our children are really good friends! Emma and AIM has helped my family be much more confident, positive and happy! 

Where I can support others on a journey similar to ours, I want to.