We are proud to announce that we will be opening a branch of Autistic Inclusive Meets in the United States! This will be a new organization which holds the same core principals as AIM UK by helping to support autistic adults, autistic children, and their parents/caregivers. We stand in unity with AIM UK against the abuse and neglect of all autistic people and will vehemently defend autistics against abusive therapies and dangerous, fake cures. We need your support to get ourselves off the ground. We are trying to raise $275 to cover the costs associated with getting our nonprofit status. Please consider donating to this great cause and help us to give back to our community.

Eve Reiland

Eve Reiland is an Autistic activist, artist, writer and mom. She is the founder of and a co-founder of The Autistic Cooperative. She started writing for advocacy in 2005 and launched her first campaign for Autism in 2008. When Jenny McCarthy was writing about the falsehood of curing her son’s autism, Eve was writing about acceptance. After becoming disabled in 2010 to Functional Neurological Disorder and PTSD, Eve had to heal and learn how to live again. She re-entered activism in 2014 to fight the stigma against living with a severe mental illness and to fight for human and civil rights for divergent people. Eve’s goals are to help make a better future for all Autistics born today, amplify divergent voices and document Autistic people’s lives, autistic culture and history in writing and documentaries. Her greatest accomplishment is raising her children to be self-advocates and hearing their voices rise and be heard in this fight for human rights.

Vanessa Belvins

Vanessa (they/them) is an autistic parent of three awesome neurodivergent kids and is the author of Parenting Through the Fog, where they write about being autistic, parenting as a wheelchair user, ableism and accessibility issues, LGBTQIA+ rights, and whatever else might come up in their life. They spend countless hours working with parents and caregivers to help improve the lives of autistic children around the world. Vanessa believes “autism awareness” falls short and that the goal should be unconditional acceptance of autistic individuals and providing accommodation for their support needs so that every autistic person can live their most authentic autistic life.

Melanie Keiling

Melanie is an autistic mother of autistic children. She runs the blog Autistic Grandma and campaigns for autistic human rights, and works with the autistic community directly to provide emotional support for individual self healing, self care, and personal development. Her goal is to create a stronger community by providing a platform for change in the way autism is viewed by the world, and to help gather autistics together to support one another.

Amanda Seigler

Amanda Seigler is the executive director at Fierce Autistics and Allies. She is a writer, an activist, and an advocate. She is an LGBTQ+ autistic from South Florida, is married to a very supportive husband, and has six children.

She has been fighting the CD protocol and other quack treatments since 2014.

She is a veterinary technologist (LPN for pets). She has her associates and bachelors degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College.

She is very involved with scouting with her six children.

Three of the children are autistic but all are Neurodivergent.

Her hope is to bridge the gap between allies and autistics while fighting the pseudoscience that threatens all people, not just autistics.