Owen Liddle

AIM Volunteers:

Owen Liddle.

I’m Owen. I have a formal diagnosis of Dyslexia and Autism, I’m also a suicide survivor. Having gone through extreme difficulty getting those diagnosis I fully agree that self diagnosis is valid.

I’ve worked as a civil servant, trade union elected representative and a street photographer.

I’m also a TUC trained Health and Safety officer.

I see AIM as vital to the neurodivergent community as a safe place where we can openly be who we are, be around non judgemental and helpful people who can give advise from their own personal experiences , rather than face the societal pressure of being forced to conform to some thing we are not.

My other hobbies apart from photography are TTRPGS, I have over forty years of experience as a DnD Dungeon Master, Tai-chi and Meditation.