Protesting Vaxxed 2, London

On 26th January 2020 AIM protested the screening of Vaxxed 2: The People’s Truth, an anti-vaccination film, at the Tabernacle Theatre in London. Fifteen adults stood outside the venue in peaceful protest against the film, which brands autistic people as “vaccine-damaged” and was produced by Andrew Wakefield, who published the original paper falsely claiming a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

A group of adults stand in front of a large metal fence. They are holding signs with messages including "Anti-Vaxx = Pro Disease", "Autistic Not Injured", and "Vaccines Cause Adults".

Autistic children around the world are being subjected to invasive and dangerous “treatments” such as chelation due to the scientifically-unproven misinformation put out by these films and those associated with them – and in 2005, a British autistic child died after developing complications from having chelation.

AIM was present at the screening to enlighten and educate those who attended.