2022 Autistic Pride and Craft Fair

Thank you to all the wonderful speakers, poets, singers and stall holders who made today’s Autistic Pride and Craft Fair what it was, a roaring success!

So many people said that they had a great time and that their autistic kids felt safe and comfortable to be themselves with no judgement.

It helps them so much to see and know that there is a whole autistic community out there with its own unique culture.

Thank you also to the Charlton Athletic Community Trust and Young Greenwich for being so fabulous and inclusive as always! Thank you to Patricia Holczimmer for all your help.

Thank you to the speakers and performers for your contributions: you were all amazing!

We heard from:

  • Jane Higgins
  • Amanda Hind
  • Amity Miller
  • Callum Brazzo
  • David Gray-Hammond
  • Janine Booth
  • Erin Ekins

For your contributions today, you were all amazing!

Thank you to Owen Liddle for the brilliant photos!


‘Such a fantastic array of talent from speakers to creators.

A welcoming, neurodivergent friendly event.
Perfect setting for a brilliant day out.

A place where you can be yourself and nobody judges you.

Can’t wait for the next one!’

Joy Wilkins

‘Thanks for such a lovely event today, Emma! Really warm, friendly and calming atmosphere, and loads of interesting stalls and speakers.

You must be so chuffed! Hope you’re not too exhausted after all your work putting it together. ‘


‘Thank you to the absolutely fabulous Emma Dalmayne and the AIM volunteers, for all your hard work and dedication to allow individuals to be comfortable in their own skin whilst they each sold some beautiful creativity.

My Squirrel was highly anxious about doing the table sale today at the thought of not being good enough and yet to see her smiling, stimming away as many people purchased her work.

It’s been great so far to be a part of the AIM group and I look forward to many more successful events that have seen my daughters confidence resurfacing.

The patron Dave Courtney as always courteous and humble, thank you for making my dear poorly Mumma smile too.’

Tara McLaren

Photos by Owen Liddle

Here are some more photos of the event