AIM is a friendly inviting at inclusive atmosphere. Children are included in the activities. Open spaces for children to explore. Lovely surprise on the baking activities. Very supportive. You can find a peer group here, with relatable parents and carers. 

AIM is a great source of support and help and has helped me and my son to gain confidence every day.

AIM has helped build my confidence up about taking my boy out in public as it’s a very calming environment for him. He usually gets very panicked if we go anywhere else & upset but loves group. I believe it has built up my sons confidence too & it’s one of the only things my son enjoys.

For my son, he has a direct way of interacting if he chooses to.

“It is a really lovely space. The children have had a really good time, lots of activities. I have loved it chatting with the adults has been great”.

“A.I.M Fantastic, such a lifeline for young people and their families, who would otherwise be isolated in society. Embracing difference!”.

It’s great that there’s adults and children with the same condition who can interact with each other.